A better hub (12/11/2015 updates)

When I built iantang.com, I wanted it to become a digital home for myself and a place that really represented who I am, completely and holistically. Today, I am making some updates to my website for that purpose.

Documents, improved
One part of that vision was providing access to personal and professional work that I have done, including writing samples. I had made two major documents that I had written available publicly more than a month ago, but the process was clunky and brought you outside the website. I'm happy to say that that gets improved today in two big ways:

  • No need to leave: When you visit iantang.com/work and choose the document you want to read or view, it'll open the document right within the website. It loads quickly and you don't have to leave, thanks to Google Drive.
  • Suitable for any screen: Creating a website that works on all types of screens continues to be a priority. While Google Drive is versatile, there's been just a bit of extra work put in to make sure these documents display well, whatever screen size you're on, desktop or mobile. Like the rest of the website, all these documents are now responsive to the screen you're using.

In addition to those updates, I'm making a third document available today, my recent presentation on privacy and ethics, specifically in the context of a Google Account. Several of my friends had wanted to see this when I posted what I was working on recently, so enjoy!

Social, now available
Another part of the vision was adding a social hub onto my website that would be one place to display my content from all the social platforms I support, including Google+, Instagram and Twitter. I have wanted that for a long time. There have been several solutions that I have tried over the last decade, but they haven't felt right. Using third-parties with their URL just felt like creating a whole new social destination.

With this new tab, powered by LiveWall, it's integrated directly with my website, my new digital home. My hope is that the social tab provides a more holistic view of who I am as a person, instead of a standalone look at my social activity.

You can find content from Google+, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube. But while there's lots to look at, it's still far from what I want and I continue to think a lot about how I can improve the experience and build the features I want directly into this tab. Making it look more beautiful continues to be a priority.

I hope these updates make iantang.com an even better representation of who I am. Sharing what I create is something I care a lot about, so I hope people can learn and be inspired from the content being made available—I know I learn a lot from other people in the same manner. There's more to come soon. Until then, enjoy and let me know what you think!