A Big "And" Moment

In 2012, I deleted my Facebook. 

I did this for many reasons. First, Facebook was spammy. Farmville requests were littered all across the network, as were many other requests, clickbait links and such. Second, and most importantly, Facebook did not reflect the way we, as humans, interact in real-life. While it did keep people connected, it did not recognize the true value of conversations. A Like is not representative of asking someone how an experience was and a Wall post asking someone to hangout should be done via private messaging. I ultimately made the big decision to delete my account based on my perception that Facebook was not a network I wanted to invest in because what it offered was not genuine human connection.

But that was 2012 and a lot has changed since then. For one, Facebook, for its part, has added and built on other features, such as Reactions, that allows all of us to be more expressive. More broadly, there has been a shift away from the traditional Facebook features, where messaging apps, including Hangouts, Snapchat and WhatsApp have gained popularity, forcing Facebook to reflect on how it works as well. Video services like FaceTime and Hangouts have become more prominently used. The network, though, remains on Facebook, and when I chose to delete my Facebook account, I was also choosing to not be open about supporting other major platforms and recognizing the value that Facebook can provide.

In short, I decided to stop supporting one of my core principles: "Be together, not the same." It was not very Googley to not be on Facebook, to not be someone who supports all different types of communication and to not be someone who can be reached, and who can reach out, in all sorts of different ways. It was not very Googley and it was selfish to require my friends to contact me in limited methods and ways. Just take a look at Google for example. Virtually whatever platform you are using, you can take advantage of Google's services—use Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos and more with your iOS device. Even if you use an iPhone, you can take advantage of Android Wear and what it has to offer.

I don't agree with everything that Facebook does, but it's important to me to be open enough to support different platforms that provide value. Facebook provides value when used right. But it's also why you will continue to see me available on Google+, FaceTime, Hangouts, iMessage, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp and other popular platforms.

In 2016, I joined Facebook.

So, come say hello!