Free And Open

"A free and open world depends on a free and open web."

That's a statement from Google that I believe in. And for a while, I have spent time engaged in these topics in the cross-section of public policy and technology, learning and taking action where I could, knowing that that is where I want make an impact long-term. It is why I am extremely excited to directly contribute to this space. Today, I started my first day of my summer internship at The Center for Democracy and Technology.

Both democracy and technology depend on participation from the various stakeholders—both are stronger when more of these stakeholders participate. Today, we are confronted with many important issues affecting both democracy and technology, from privacy and security to free expression and more, issues that I care deeply and passionately about. CDT has been at the forefront of many of these issues, bringing together and working with the various stakeholders to "drive policy outcomes that keep the internet open, innovative and free." With my internship this summer, I am incredibly thrilled to not only interact directly with this increasingly important space, but also to learn from experts and professionals most knowledgeable about these topics.

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