Taylor, cheers to a year of 1989

It's been a year since Taylor Swift's 1989 was released to the public.

And, trust me, my friends will tell you that I am insane, because, you know, I love the album. And I still listen to it day in and day out.

1989 is an album that was on the Billboard 200 for 11 weeks and the Top 10 for 52 consecutive weeks, according to Tree Paine. In the process, Taylor has made so many new friends, including many new loyal fans, raised the standards for herself and the entire music industry, stood by her brand and her values and done so much more, including performing on her 1989 World Tour in Japan, Europe and North America.

Over the past year, I've learned a lot, thanks to 1989 and Taylor. One of those things is that it's always fun to Shake It Off. So, it made my entire life that Google Top Contributors and Googlers got down to Blank Space at last week's 2015 Google Top Contributor Summit celebration. Consider it both a celebration for all the work Google's Top Contributors and Googlers have done and all the accomplishments of Taylor Swift this year.

That night was honestly one of the best nights ever in my life and one of my favorite moments. Everything happened right there and nothing could have been planned. It was so raw and so organic and everyone was so willing to have a good time after an intense day of serious work, something I have noticed each time I have been at the Googleplex. It was a great way to end a week of new friendships and I am so grateful this happened.

As a bonus celebration, at the 2015 World Expo Milano this weekend, I started dancing when Shake It Off came on at the US Pavilion rooftop bar. Pretty soon, everyone there joined in and we had the most fun time (https://twitter.com/iantangprvte/status/657960888188559360).

Taylor Swift and 1989 have helped me grow in so many ways this year, just like each of her other albums: Taylor Swift, FearlessSpeak Now and Red. It's something I have talked about in the past, whether it is helping me put my feelings and thoughts into actual words or being the role model that we all should have. Taylor is a different type of artist and person. So today, I thank Taylor and join her in celebrating. Maybe one day, I'll be able to do that in person.

Note: The video was recorded by Patti Kratzke.